New York police violently attacking unemployed workers in Tompkins Square Park, 1874

Do We Live in a New Gilded Age? – Income Inequality and the Stability of Societies

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First a chart… The chart above recently sparked a debate in my family. What does rising wealth inequality mean for millennials’ expectations to continue living in a peaceful, open society? Is the U.S. now really similar to the time of The Great Gatsby when it comes to the “wealth gap”? Or is this chart misleading … Read More →

Reinventing Henry Ford – My take on tomorrow.

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Foreword Other than the economics courses I took in high school, I didn’t receive any further formal education on the subject. This text is entirely motivated by thought-experiments that might lack deep formal economic analysis, but are nevertheless interesting to me, and enough so that I decided to write them down. Nothing more, nothing less. Make of that … Read More →