Angelica Kohlmann, PhD

Angelica is a co-founder and Chairman of the Kohlmann & Co. Family Office. She was born and grew up in Brazil and received her MD PhD from the University of Hamburg, Germany. She also graduated from the Business Program for board members at Harvard Business School.

After an initial career in science and research in Europe and the US, Angelica transitioned to management positions within the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Angelica holds various positions as chairman and board member at private and public companies, such as Lonza Group. She is also a member and chair of several non-profit organisations, such as the Global Peter Drucker Forum and the Swiss Technion Society.

Angelica has been a successful investor in tech and biotech companies for the past 20 years, with a number of prolific exits. She travelled all continents and has a deep understanding of various cultures. Angelica speaks Portuguese, German, Spanish, English, French and Italian.


Eric Kohlmann

Eric Kohlmann is a deep tech investor and Managing Partner at Kohlmann Grünstein, a New York and Zurich-based venture capital firm. Eric has invested in leading technology companies, such as New York-based neuroscience startup CTRL-Labs, which announced its sale to Facebook in October 2019.

Eric was Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer at Trinnacle Capital Management, a quantitative hedge fund, which announced the acquisition of its IP in alternative data and machine learning by a large, international hedge fund in 2019.

Eric holds a Master’s in Finance from IE Business School in Madrid and started his academic career at Eton College in the UK, going on to study at ETH Zurich and TU Munich where he successfully completed his Bachelor in Physics.

Eric speaks English, German and Portuguese and is married to psychiatrist and neuroscientist Alana Mendelsohn, MD PhD.


Tom Kupper

Tom Kupper is a serial entrepreneur and investor. Tom is a co-founder of the medtech company Bloom Diagnostics, where he has led the product development team from idea to market entry of a blood testing system for lay users. Tom has scaled Bloom Diagnostics to 70 people and brought its innovative medical hardware and software to thousands of real world users.

As an angel investor, Tom invested in companies such as 3Brain and Charm Therapeutics. Tom also founded the YouTube channel The Rest of Us, which publishes explanatory videos to over 200,000 subscribers.

Interested in public markets and tech from an early age, Tom bought his first shares in Apple Computer Inc. in 2003 at the age of 12 and later reinvested his gains into Tesla Motors in 2011, shortly after the company went public.

Tom studied architecture at ETH Zurich and holds a Master’s in Finance from IE University in Madrid. He is married to industrial designer Sina Maria Eggl.


Niclas Kupper, PhD cand.

Niclas Kupper is a PhD candidate at the University of Bath, where he is researching critical phenomena of Random Geometric Graphs. Niclas represents the mathematics department on the Doctoral Council and helps run the Bath Probability and Stochastics seminar.

He holds an undergraduate degree from ETH Zurich in Mathematics, and a MSc in Applied Mathematics with a focus on Biology, Machine Learning and Finance. His Master Thesis was on pricing binary options using deep neural networks. While at ETH, Niclas was a member of the gender equality commission Phimale.

Niclas has completed the AI safety camp, focusing on technical research, and is a member of the Zug-based trading firm Automatia. Niclas is an experienced researcher and practitioner in the fields of Mathematics, Machine Learning, and Finance.